Are You Optimizing Your Social Media Marketing Campaign to the Max?

By now, nearly everybody knows that implementing a great social media marketing campaign can be the key to online sales success. If you’re interested in optimizing your social media marketing campaign, or just starting to create one, in order to build brand awareness and increase conversion, you’ll want to look at the following tactics.

Substantive guest blogging

Many business owners who maintain websites have not made the connection between guest blogging and social media marketing. But the two activities are closely connected. You can forge meaningful relationships with a wider circle of prospective clients when your content is exposed to people outside your existing social networks.

So it’s a smart idea to make guest blogging an integral component of your social media marketing campaign. As Supple Solutions notes in its piece entitled ”Linkbuilding, Guest Blogging, and Their Inevitable Break Up”: “The richest guest blogs can still garner exposure, solidify branding, increase reach, and expand a community.”

This being so, it’s nearly essential for business owners who want to cultivate a strong online presence to seek opportunities to post on other people’s blogs.


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Don’t neglect SEO

The continual comparisons between SEO and SMO seem to be rising this year, but 2014 is not time to abandon search engine optimization. In fact, research is showing that SEO is still an incredibly effective approach for businesses who wish to increase their visibility and conversion rates online.

To optimize your social media marketing campaign, you should continue to use SEO tactics (such as link building, keyword analysis, and the creation of great content) as an integral component of your plan. When implemented, these strategies will help you gain visibility and improve brand awareness — two factors that help you develop a meaningful relationship with prospective clients.

Make your content “viral”

As most Internet marketing specialists know, the term “viral” is central to social media marketing. It refers to the process by which an Internet media product (whether it’s a blog post, web article, YouTube video, or any other content) gains the attention of a group or several individuals who forward the information to many other people within their social networks.

When this process is duplicated several times, the content can gain exposure to thousands, even millions of people, within a matter of minutes.

In recognizing the opportunity that going viral can have in helping your business to gain presence and primacy online, it’s important to note the various strategies that can be employed to accomplish this objective.

Of course the easiest technique to describe, but the hardest to do, is to create viral-worthy content. The content should be scannable, free of all grammatical errors, and replete with contemporary, cutting-edge information that will appeal to readers across multiple fields of interest.

If you can create absolutely amazing content, it becomes the easiest task in the world to publicize it through systematic tweeting and postings via social media channels such as Facebook.

If you”re serious about building a substantive online presence, designing and implementing a great social media marketing campaign is probably the best way to achieve your goal. Start pursuing some or all of the aforementioned strategies as an integral component of your strategic plan.


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