JBL Pebbels Review

Having a house party tonight or watching a movie with a bunch of friends at your place. Whatever the case may be, there is only one deal breaker (I’m assuming that you have great taste in music and movies) and that is the speakers connected to your device. There are many speakers that are available in the market currently, but not all of them are fit enough to be purchased. Recently JBL launched Pebbles, and people have been curious about its performance ever since. We all know that JBL has some great quality speakers, but is this latest product from their stable worth the moolah that they are charging? Read on to find out.


The speakers are shaped according to their name, that is like pebbles. They are smooth, small and sound and are pretty to look at. They are available in two colours viz black and white. They have a flat base which allows them to sit firmly on the surface that they have been placed on.


Image Source: Pixabay


The speakers are equipped with a variety of connection options. There is the normal cable cord connection with 50mm drivers that make it possible to use with practically all the electronic gadgets that are available in the market. Apart from this, there is the built in aux port that has been integrated. There is also a USB connection port that has been added to the speakers. It is the USB 2.0 connection that has been provided, which is not the latest, but works well with the speakers.

Given these connection options, the speakers will be perfect with any handset, PC, CD player etc that you have.

There is a rotating disk like object that is present on the rear side of the speakers, which is rather intriguing. This disk is nothing but the volume control for the speakers.


The speakers have been priced at $59.99 which is decent. It does not make for the best speakers currently available, but you can definitely get it if you are looking for something that functions smoothly and you will use daily to watch movies, listen to music etc. Also, a good choice if you are looking for something easy to carry around when you travel.


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