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If you have been planning to buy a Prestige Induction Cooktop, then you landed up here to the right place. i would be listing the prestige Induction cooktop lowest price aggregated from all over the web and i bet you will not be able to get the better price then what i am going to mention right here.

First of all lets see what is hot in the market?

it is one of the best selling prestige induction cooktop, some call it Prestige Induction stove. This induction cooktop comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty which can be availed at Authorized distributor/service center in your city. The Induction stove is power efficient and makes your cooking user friendly. The Prestige Induction cooktop comes with automatic voltage regulator and drives 1900 watt of power which ranges between 220 to 240 volts.

The menu/setting options is provided in feather tough that means you touch a finger and you can control the temperature, check settings, change settings. The price is quite reasonable and deal we have listed here is win-win type of deal, given is the price – which is as low as – 1,958.00 sold at amazon India, the prestige induction cooktop lowest price is guaranteed on amazon India.

Gone are the days when people used to rely on traditional gas stoves for kitchen/cooking needs, the induction stove is being utilized on mass level. Since induction stove are easy to use, best in performance and completely safe it has become the top choice among working professionals.


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The prestige PIC 1.0 V2 1900 watt induction cooktop comes with elegant design that gets you quick heating of anything what you want. The dual heat sensor technology enables this device best in performance and make it the most efficient machine to cook food.

Most of the induction stoves reported harmful spilling accidents, which is well prevented with the use of steel rings that corner this device. You would be surprised to know that induction stoves are pron to hazardous radioactive waves which when not treated might bring unwanted diseases in long run, to cater this the Prestige induction cooktop are equipped with anti magnetic wall which absorbs  all such radiations.

One of the major shortcoming with previous version of induction stoves was, you were having very limited options to control the device, but then with the help of cutting edge technology parameters the new Induction stoves can be manually operated and is effective kitchen appliance that ensures n0 overheating even if you cook food at high temperature all thanks to built in heat sensor technology.

The other common problem reported with induction stove was thermal heat and thermal shock which is well eliminated in this version, all thanks to inbuilt micro crystal panel that makes it shock proof.

So if you have been using a Gas connection so far, give it a try to this wonderful technological innovation, the advantages of induction stoves are many:

Advantages of induction cooking

  • Advantages of induction cooking are many, but i would like to highlight the few basic things that every person should know about induction cooking.
  • A lot more safer as compared to traditional gas, no open flames and the pan surface is always cooler so you never feel thermal heat even if you touch the panel accidentally.
  • The induction cooking has is the most efficient cooking method when we talk about the utilization of energy, when you cook food with induction stove, you actually use 90% of 100% energy it produced while this is limited to 50% in traditional gas stoves. With induction stoves touching only the base of the cooking utensil cover the only diameter of the pot, so there are very little chances of getting energy wasted and hence then 90% energy utilization is the ultimate result.
  • With so many control functions to manually set temperature you can save upto 50% of cooking time as compared to traditional gas stoves.
  • The other advantages of induction cooking is, uniform heating.
  • The surface is much easy to clean because of non stick nature of cooktop which also flat and very smooth and require single wipe to clean the spills and overflows.
  • The price of induction stoves are coming down, earlier they were very expensive as compared to traditional stoves. So its good deal.

Disadvantages of Induction Cooking

  • With so many advantages, disadvantages should also be discussed, here are they
  • The induction stove is of no use if there is no electricity. i.e if you are living in a locality where you face power cuts often, induction will not help you much in cooking. You will require a backup gas connection during power cut.
  • Lot of food items need flames for cooking, since induction stove does not have open flaming you will not be able to perform food charring. Like we do when making chapatis, pepper.
  • Okay, the biggest confusion among most of the people who are new to induction cooking is whether the aluminum, copper, glass or Pyrex cookware work on induction stove, the answer is no, the inductions stove only heats the pans that has base made up of magnetic materials.
  • The pan or base of cooking utensil must be made up of either stainless steel or cast iron. You will also find plenty of cookware readily available for induction stoves.
  • You can use very large utensils over induction stove, it will not be able to occupy the full base and problem with heating occurs. While the small utensils also face some issues of uniform heating.
  • You need to take well care of cook top, basically they are made up of ceramic glass and might get damaged while sliding pans and other rugged use.
  • You just cant use aluminium foil directly the top of the stove can get a permanent damage.
  • You need to carefully look for cooking zones on stove surface which sometimes are not mentioned by manufacturers and place your pot at right zone.

While we have covered the most common advantages and disadvantages on Induction cooking, while doing my research i came across a very interesting article that tells about Do’s and Don’t when you are cooking using pressure cooker on Induction Stove.

How to check cookware whether it is induction ready or not?

As you know already the cookware should be made up of magnetic material(stainless steel, cast iron etc) to be used on Induction stove, but then how to know the pan or pot you have is induction ready, you can quickly figure it out using a magnet, if the pot or pan sticks with magnet it is Induction ready, if it does not stick it is not.

Electricity consumption vs Gas connection cost calculation 

Yes another aspect is how much electricity does induction stove consumes in comparison to Gas charges. how effective is induction cooking when compared to Gas cost wise, Let see in detail :

Well both Gas and Induction Cooking are equal in economic aspect,  The does a very good cooktop comparison which is worth reading, according to them. It will cost you Rs 5.09 paisa to heat 10 litre of water with subsidized gas while it costs Rs 5.21 with Induction.

New Gas Connection Charges (Including Cylinder and Stove) : 4500 Rs (Approx)

New Induction Cooktop Stove :  Rs 2,000 (Approx)

But then it does not mean Induction cooktop is cost effective so you should only have induction type of cooking at home, you should always have backup cooking method in case of any emergency.

Induction Cooking working

If you really want to get in depth to technology thing, then here is induction cooking working for you :

In order to understand the working principle of induction cooking look at the image above, The AC power supply is given to induction stove where in the induction coil at the base carry the AC current and generate the oscillating magnetic field, which when upon touching the surface produce oscillating electric current on the top of the ceramic material on which the cookware is placed.  The heating begins when the resistance to induced AC current occurs.

Although there are dozens of induction stove/cooktop manufacturer’s in India, but we suggest you to stick with brand prestige because of its years of experience in manufacturing quality products.


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