Medical reports: Mother of all medical breakthroughs

A medical history simply refers to the information gained by doctors, through asking their patients or someone close to them specific questions that would give them the information they need to find the most accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment for the patient. Complaints brought forward by patients are recorded hence the compilation of a medical report.

Case reports are the heart of medicine as most medical breakthroughs have been greatly assisted by medical reports. It has become a dispensable commodity in the world of research with the main purpose being to offer precise health services. The law restricts hospitals and clinics from opening until they have well equipped medical report sections. Many universities that offer courses in medicine also impart a special training on those who work in the medical reports section as such skills are useful in handling reports and maintaining confidentiality. Medical reports help to prevent errors whether made intentionally or not. They also pay specific attention to injuries resulting from external accidents with a space provided where the physician can enter the cause and effects of the accidents. This in turn has been used to reduce the amounts of accidents occurring by ensuring safety measures are in place.


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Medical reports are without a doubt the supporting hand between the doctor and patient. They help both patients and physicians to understand an illness and the medicines that could possibly be used for treatment. Medical reports make it possible for a patient to be attended to without any delay hence increasing the hospital”s efficiency in dealing with emergencies; as availability of the information is ready and easily retrieved. Medical reports are also known to help physicians find health patterns and figure out treatments for specific health related issues.

Through the help of medical reports, doctors are able to diagnose the patient from a set of previous ailments and offer the correct medication; reports usually contain a list of allergies the patient has in relation to medicines and drugs. Often, an allergic reaction to a drug may result in death through heart failure or cardiovascular related illness.

Factors that inhibit proper B of a medical report

The main factors would be the inability of the patient to communicate with the doctor. This may be because the patient is unconscious or has a communication disorder; this often leads to doctors performing a heteroanamnesis. Another factor would be the patient doctor relationship. If a patient has little trust in the doctor, then he tends to share less, and this often occurs with new doctors whose patients are not familiar with. This mainly comes up in relation to sexual subjects as patients are often reluctant to disclose their intimate life with physicians because the issue makes them feel uncomfortable. Doctors are always advised to have patients come in with their spouse to make them feel comfortable though reports have suggested that this may also prevent disclosure of certain subjects and instead cause an increase in stress.


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