How to Capture High Quality Still Pictures From Video

Well there are times when you want to extract some images from your recorded video can be a family holiday movie in which you find something interesting and want to extract the scene into image, there are tons of paid software which converts your video into images , sold by the name of “video to image converter” , i tried couple of them and they did not worked well in my case.  So i started tweaking with the video players i have used so far and was pretty sure there must be some option to capture screen, I tried again with VLC player to capture still images from video, but again there were issues with resolution, then i moved forward to another player known as ” GOM Player”.

GOM Player is free software which is similar to VLC player and known for its compatibility with almost every extension. This player has some wonder image capturing feature which worked pretty well. Let us see how it did for me and how you can achieve the same.

If you are new to GOM Player, you need to download it first from here, after downloading the software successfully you need to run the install which is pretty easy and will take around 5 minutes.


Image Source: Pixabay

A Desktop Icon might have created, Clicking on that icon will open the player (see image below).

Now open your video file using GOM Player, opening a video file is pretty easy, browse your folder and right click on the video file and  browse through open with and select GOM Player.

Now you have opened the video, a right click on center of player will open this menu.

Browse through Video to Options  and with many options available find these two :

Copy the Current Frame  (Ctrl + C )    – Use this feature to copy any frame while the video is playing, this feature actually saves the current frame copied into clipboard which you can paste in applications like mspaint or ms word etc.

Save the Current Frame ( Ctrl + E) – This feature gives you the freedom to sit back and watch video while the copying and saving to folder is automated by player. All you need to do is, press (Ctrl + E ) at any point of movie which you want to save as image and it will be stored in folder.

As soon as you press  CTR + E , a message ” Saving to designated Folder” will appear at the top left of media player , you can hit CTR + E any number of times to save more images.

Default folder where all the captured images are saved automatically :  C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents\GomPlayer\Capture

You might be thinking “who will involve in such a long procedure to capture still images from video”. but beilieve me it will take hard 5 minutes to capture any amount of images . All you need is open video file and press CTR + E on frames which you want to save.

The better the quality of videos, the better would be the frame capture. I have two examples to show you one captured from normal .avi movie and other one High defination video.

Screen Capture  Quality From Normal Movie

High Definition Video File Capture Quality

So this is how you can capture still images from video frames, pretty simple without any external software or converter, only thing you need to ensure is ” better the quality of video, better would be the still images”. Let us know if you have something similar to this with you.


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