Best Dual Band Wireless Router with Gigabit Ethernet & USB Port for Home

Wireless routers are being used for homes these days and there are the many choices that are available in the market. Choosing one among them can be very difficult, so here are the best dual band wireless routers 2012 for home.


This wireless router is one of the close contenders for the “best wireless router” tag. It is known to provide impeccable performance at the 5GHz band and is also compatible with the Gigabit Ethernet. The router is chic looking and it is compact, will fit any small place rather easily. There is a USB port that is present and thus it can be easily paired with the common external hard drives that are available in the market.


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Linksys E3200

This wireless router is known for its classic performance and it has a very sleek design. The device comes with a very interactive user interface that has the Cisco Connect integration, that makes the installation of this router dead simple. There is the Gigabit Ethernet integration that is present and there is the USB port that has been employed along with the router, that makes the connections with different hard drives very simple.

This router is renowned for its network storage specifications that have been in-built with the router. Like the above two, the router has the Gigabit Ethernet compatibility. This router is considered to be the best one from the NetGear range. It has the cloud based storage that you get along with it and along with the parental control features that will help you to keep a check on what the children are using the router for. The router is known to work well in both the, 2.5GHz and 5GHz bandwidths.

D-Link DIR-827

This wireless router has very fast data transfer as there is the USB 3.0 integration been made and to complement this feature there is the HD Fuel feature. There is the guest networking feature that has been added to the router and there is also the VoIP integration that has been made and it supports the gaming feature of the, in case the user is into gaming and related stuff. It is one of the best dual band router that is currently available in the market.

Netgear WNDR3400

This wireless router is a great one even for long range purposes and there is whole set of new features such as traffic meter, network storage etc. Also, there is a very simple and interactive web interface that is present that will help the user to use the router with increased ease. The router has a shapely body, that is compact and will fit in anywhere.

These are the best dual band wireless router 2012 for home. You can get them on any of the online retail stores and if you are lucky enough you are sure to get different freebies on the sites. All the routers are good in their own way, you can choose any of them on the basis of your needs.


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