Top 3 Online Websites for Making Wonderful Memes

Everybody is sharing different kind of memes on social networking website, some of them are hilarious while other fails to create that laughter among people. Making Memes is not rocket science all thanks to wonderful online websites that allows users to create wonderful memes and share it with rest of the world. These website does not confuse users and give them simple online tool to show off their creativity. Memes are actually all about individual creativity. You pick up random photos, decide on what one liner you are going to put in and there you go.

How Memes are beneficial for your business?

If you own business brand page/twitter handle, you can utilize these memes to bring lot of followers. The more creative you design the meme, more are the chances that it is going to be viral which will result in flood of followers.


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When you search make memes online , the no.1 result in search engine comes to be, no doubt the site deserves to be listed on no.1. It takes almost 2 mins to create wonderful memes at The site is easy to navigate the options are clearly visible.

All you need to do is pick up the right image, add top text and bottom text to it and hit generate button. You can also change the color and size of the text along with width and placement. The advance option gives you facility to add more number of text boxes, align them anywhere on the pic and much more. As soon as you hit the generate button the new window will open up which gives you options to download the image, share it on popular social networking websites , directly from the interface.

Another website that loads slower than and gives you the same facility. The site does not allow visitors to create memes. You need to sign in before you actually create one. The facebook API gives you 1 min user log in.  There are not much options as that of As soon as you hit the create button the meme goes live in their website for public viewing.

meme creator is pretty old site and one of the early memes making site on web, though lags in advance options like re-sizing, editing. But generates memes quickly without much hassle. Adding text to image is awesome, all you need to do is hit add text button and add as much number of lines as you want. The good thing about is it allows users to move the caption over image using mouse over.

So i tried to review few of thousand meme generator sites that are available online. These sites are easy to navigate and generate memes quickly. Even a 5th grade student can design wonderful and hilarious memes using these websites.

Do you want to make your own Meme Maker Website?

If you have any brilliant idea on memes and have knowledge of hosting websites, then you can create design your own meme maker website online using this easy script available at the cost of $20. The script allows you to setup professional looking memes maker website without the need of knowing coding and all.

I thought of launching a meme making website using this script, but then i am really messed up with other things and was not sure whether i will be able to put any efforts. So if you can manage it well, then you can create a wonderful meme making website using this script on any funny niche and become famous overnight, while it can also bring you some money through advertisement.

There are hardly any free meme making script available online, the one which are available either does not work or are Nulled from original


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