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If you are a new business and are looking for a catchy logo that leaves an impact on all who view it, then you need to make sure that you have a someone who can make a logo that is sensible, pertinent to your brand and at the same time does not lack style. Getting such a logo can be difficult and if you go to a full fledged logo designer, you may just get extorted in the name of the price for your logo. Here are two sites that you can make use of for the purpose of logo creation. Both and are famous. Which of the two is better though? In this post we will compare the two and you can decide which of the two you want to go with.

Fiver is basically a site where people sell their products and services for five dollars. This means that you can get someone to create a logo for you, for as low as $5. Isn’t that great? There are quite a few logo services that are present on the site and you can choose any one of them for your logo creation.

The only issue that you may face is the that the site is quite risky. You do not know much about the people who are creating your logo for you and they may just end up botching up the job for you. This means that you will end up losing 5 bucks and have no logo too.


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Freelancer logos are more expensive than what you will get at Fiverr. What you need to do is, post the job that you need to get done on the site and people who are interested in the job will approach you and negotiate regarding the same.

The people who are present on the site have a portfolio and you have the choice of going through it before you decide to give them the task at hand. The price for a basic logo creation starts at around $30 and can go up depending upon the kind of logo that you want for your business.

You can choose either of the sites depending on your utility and how much you are ready to shell out for the same.


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